Rainforest Restoration

Pamela and Anil Malhotra have created a private 300 acre wildlife sanctuary in India. Since 1991 they have been buying abandoned farmland and nursing the return of the rainforest in SAI (Save Animals Iniative) Sanctuary. In this short film by Great Big Story Pamela Malhotra explains the progress of the restoration.

Bosco Verticale Ready

This quick fly-through by the Stefano Boeri Architects shows the lush vegetation of the Bosco Verticale, the vertical forest, in Milan, Italy. Mind you these are not CG renderings but the real deal. There are altogether 900 trees of over 90 species and over 20 000 plants in the two buildings. The plants and trees are taken care of by a single company. There’s also an interesting video showing how every 4 months these wall climbing botanists descend over the building and take care of the plants.

Vancouver Convention Centre Living Roof

This beautiful short film by Dave Budge tells the story behind the 6 acre living roof on top of the Vancouver Convention Centre. The landscape architect Bruce Hemstock explains that instead of just building a greener roof, they wanted to create a living roof that mimics the natural coastal grassland habitats of the area.

San Francisco Parks Alliance – Street Parks

San Francisco has more than 100 beautiful Street Parks maintained by local volunteers. The city allows underutilized parcels owned by the Public Works to be developed by local communities through the Street Parks Program. The non-profit San Francisco Parks Alliance acts as a resource for the residents providing funding and guidance. They also have a wonderful manual for the potential Street Park developers and stewards.

Creating Supertrees in Singapore

In this clip by the landscape architecture firm Grant Associates, associate landscape architect James Clarke explains how the amazing Supertrees were created at the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. The garden also has many other remarkable features by the same designers such as the vertical Cloud Forests in the conservatories.