Hiding Behind the Leaves – The Growroom

Hiding Behind the Leaves – The Growroom

At this year’s Helsinki Design Week we stumbled into this mesmerizingly green urban hideaway. The Growroom is designed by SPACE 10 and architects Sine Lindholm and Mads-Ulrik Husum. The structure of the Growroom consists of 17 sheets of plywood that are CNC-cut to form and connected by wood joints and metal screws. On top of this wooden structure you can start your urban farm. The Growroom can also be used as an urban meeting place. And the best part is that since the design is open source, you can easily build one yourself by following these instructions.

The installation and its luscious plants certainly brought a fresh breath of life to the sealed stone & concrete street of Keskuskatu. It was really nice to sit and relax for a while surrounded by all the beautiful plants. It would be nice to see biopods like this invading the whole city!

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