Seabin Installed in Helsinki

Northern Europe’s first floating trash collector was just installed in Helsinki. The small sea cleaning gizmo called Seabin was placed in front Uunisaari island. The pilot project is a collaboration between the Seabin Project and the technology group Wärtsilä. Another Seabin will be added to the area in June. It will be interesting to see how successful this device is in cleaning the litter from the waters. Currently the seabin needs frequent maintenance and trash collection but we’ll see how the design evolves.

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Mealworms Digest Plastic?

This interesting research article documents how mealworms digest styrofoam. In ARS '17 exhibition in Kiasma, Helsinki there's currently an artwork called Greenhouses by Aude Pariset on display that shows mealworms munching away some foamy plastic.