The Butterfly Sphere

The Butterfly Sphere acts as an urban base station for insects. The sphere has features that attract insects, butterflies and pollinators and features that provide a pleasant habitat for them.

It has a wide range of flowers and plants that blossom in phases throughout the whole summer season. The phasing allows the sphere to be functional for many different species during different times of the summer.

Water and moist sand allow hydration and bathing for birds, butterflies and other insects. Water elements also help in creating a pleasant micro climate around the sphere. A sun powered fountain can be installed in the water tank to add a pleasant murmur and natural soundcape.

Different sized cavities in the side of the sphere provide premises for an insect hotel. Larger entry in the base of the sphere provides a winter home for a hedgehog.

Spread a network of these out around the neighbourhood and the nature will flourish!

Vlotwatering Bridge

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