Update: The Movable Bilberry Pad – Construction

Update: The Movable Bilberry Pad – Construction

The construction of the Movable Bilberry Pad has started. During the summer we will grow fresh heath with bilberries and lingonberries. We will also build movable planters for the installation. In the fall we will move some plants, hopefully with berries, to the planters and take them to the folks at Maijala service center in Kangasala. Thank you for our sponsors Messupuu and Piiraisen Viherpalvelu!

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Forest Bus in Taiwan

The plant filled Forest Bus delights passengers in Taiwan. Local florist Alfie Lin and designer Xiao Qing-Yang converted the bus into a relaxing oasis with moss, flowers and ferns. The pleased passengers have hoped that the refreshing conversion could be permanent and it is easy to see why.