Update: The Movable Bilberry Pad

Here are new images for the Nature Cot: Movable Bilberry Pad. The Pad consists of five movable modules. The bilberries are grown in a natural forest environment with tree shade and high humidity. During the growing season, the planter modules double as planters for useful plants and flowers. In the fall, the plant crops are harvested and the planters will planted with bilberry heath. The first prototype of the Movable Bilberry Pad will be installed this spring at a service center for the elderly in Kangasala, Finland.

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Vancouver Convention Centre Living Roof

This beautiful short film by Dave Budge tells the story behind the 6 acre living roof on top of the Vancouver Convention Centre. The landscape architect Bruce Hemstock explains that instead of just building a greener roof, they wanted to create a living roof that mimics the natural coastal grassland habitats of the area.