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The Dancing Orchards

The Dancing Orchards is a matrix of planters that move independently through a programmed route. The system can be installed on a public square or other large open space with even surface.

The Dancing Orchards is an energy independent system: The Orchard units have intergrated, sun tracking 0.18 kWp solar panels that load up the batteries. The battery powered electric engines move the Orchard units up to 1 km a day.

The Orchards move very slowly and have visual and proximity sensors to avoid collisions. The system can be programmed to adopt a wide variety of different formations from a Row formation, through a circular Lagoon and dispersed Archipelago formations to a dense Pangea forest. The Orchards dance: they cycle periodically through the different formations.

The Orchards have integrated seating that can be used even when the system is on the move. The seating and planter parts are made of environment friendly OrganoWood. OrganoWood is wood that is protected against fire and funghi by a process that mimics the natural fossilisation process.

The Orchards feature multiple varieties of apple trees, raspberry bushes, strawberries and many native plants for everyone to enjoy. The system also cleans up after itself: the Orchard units have rotating brushes and integrated compost bins to collect fallen fruit.

The Dancing Orchards bring a new engaging element to urban nature. Their dance adds an ever changing element to the urban space that is interesting to watch and also to engage with. Sitting on the integrated seating you might start sitting alone and eventually find yourself next to the love of your life.