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Fountain-To-Go – With Live Plants

Fountain-To-Go is a small water feature you can take with you on a picnic. It has a solar powered fountain and a beautiful array of wetland plants. The plants are placed in felt pouches connected to the water so you don’t have to water them.

The Fountain is easy to maintain: remove the plant pouches, wash the bucket, add new water and put the pouches back. For easy transportation, the fountain has a detachable carrying handle and a lid that prevents spills.

Adding a fountain to your balcony, yard or a local park is a great way to boost local wildlife: birds and butterflies will enjoy it. And they will also make your urban scenery and soundscape more vivid. Birdsongs, anyone? Just take the Fountain-To-Go with you, sit back and relax!

Do-It-Yourself assembly instructions on the way, stay tuned!