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Deadwood Crown – Urban Biodiversity Booster

The Deadwood Crown is an urban biodiversity booster that consists of logs. It provides a home for many species of flora, fauna and fungi and a place for relaxation and reflection for us humans.

The Crown is composed of deadwood logs of different sizes and ages and in various stages of decay. The logs come from trees that are cut down in the urban area, for instance during park maintenance or when clearing a construction site. In a two year interval, new logs are added to the installation to maximise the diversity and to ensure the continuation of the decomposition processes. The logs are connected to each other with stainless steel bolts so that the whole installation is easy to dismantle and move to a new location if necessary.

The Crown provides a microhabitat for fungi, mosses and lichens, various insects and birds. It also works as a catalyst base station for the biosphere of nearby parks, balcony gardens and urban forests.

For the local residents the Crown provides a glimpse in to the natural cycles of growth-death-decomposition and nutrient cycling. It is interesting to watch the installation change through the years and to see which animals and plants find home in it. The Deadwood Crown is a biodiversity hotspot right at your doorstep.