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The Portable Farm

The Portable Farm is a small planting installation that can be moved between different locations. It consists of five portable planting beds and a thermo pot for a small tree.

The prototype of the Farm will be built in Maijala service center for the elderly in Kangasala, Finland. Together with the residents of the center we will plant flowers, useful plants and a family apple tree. The apple tree has four different apple varieties in the same tree. All the plant containers are in a convenient height for planting and lightweight for easy portability. The Portable Farm brings natural experiences to a place where they are not normally found. After the summer the planting equipment, the plants and containers will stay at the center so that they can be used again next year.

The project is generously sponsored by Messupuu and Piiraisen Viherpalvelu and funded by Kone Foundation and The Finnish Culture Foundation. Thank you!