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The Green Train – The Turntable by Dodo

The environmental organization Dodo has built an interesting urban farming laboratory called Turntable on top of an old train turntable in Pasila, Helsinki. The Turntable has a greenhouse, an urban farm, a cafe and even a bouldering wall. The Turntable hosts all sorts of open events from urban farming workshops to punk concerts. Places like this really make cities worth living in. Let’s hope the city is clever enough to not destroy it when central Pasila is redeveloped in the near future.

Update: The Portable Farm – In Full Bloom

The Portable Farm has flourished during the summer in Kangasala. Flowers, herbs, vegetables and berry bushes are now in full bloom thanks to the gentle care by the residents of the Maijala Service Center. Some residents whisperingly confessed they had pinched some peas and berries from the farm. Not that alarming since the whole installation was specifically made for them to enjoy. It was also delightful to see the number of butterflies, bees, bumble-bees and flies buzzing around the plants. A bow to the wonderful people at Maijala!

The Project was funded by Kone Foundation and The Finnish Cultural Foundation and generously sponsored by Messupuu and Piiraisen Viherpalvelu. A big thank you for all of them!

Urban Herbs – Chives
ChivesUrban chives growing on a rock

Urban Herbs – Chives

Just found chives growing and flowering on a rock nearby. It doesn’t seem to need all that much soil. Wikipedia tells us that in addition to spicing up foods, chives can be used in pest control. Apparently the sulfur compounds in chives are repulsive to insects, although the flowers still attract bees. A solid choice for a balcony garden, then?