Floating Islands in Copenhagen

Marshall Blecher and Magnus Maarbjerg are creating a archipelago of floating islands in Copenhagen, the Copenhagen Islands. The first one is CPH-Ø1, a wooden platform and a linden tree. Eventually the archipelago will grow to include floating swimming platforms, stages, parks and a floating garden. For winter, the islands can me moved closer together to form a larger recreational area. It will be really interesting to see how the islands evolve!

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BEEcosystem Observation Honeybee Hive

BEEcosystem is a modular observation honeybee hive you can easily install outdoors or indoors. This wonderful system lets you observe the honey bees at work, tending their babies. It would be really interesting to install one of these on our balcony and watch the buzz and bustle. It could also spice up the biosphere in your neighborhood by providing habitat for the important pollinators. Be sure to support BEEcosystem on Indiegogo!