Floating Recycled Park – The First Park Installed

The first Floating Recycled Park was opened in Rotterdam (next to the site of the Bobbing Forest we wrote about). The structural modules of the park are made of reclaimed and recycled plastic trash. The structures are filled with growing medium with various plants and connected together to form beautiful floating parks.

”The aim of this iconic Recycled Park is to illustrate that recycled plastic from the open waters is a valuable material and suitable for recycling. By re-using the retrieved plastics and by producing building blocks with them, the plastics receives new value. As an extra the building blocks create a new green area; Recycled Park. Floating green structures are a plus for the city and have an ecological function in the river as habitat for micro and macro fauna as snails, flatworms, larva, beetles and fish.”

Looks really interesting! Hopefully the process of recycling the plastic is not too energy and chemical intensive as it sometimes can be. But the whole process of collecting the problem inducing trash from the environment and turning it to something that provides a positive platform for local ecology, is certainly beautiful. I do hope to see more of these installed! Read more at Recycled Park.

Found via Treehugger

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