Gone Fishing – Urban Archipelago Retreat

Gone Fishing – Urban Archipelago Retreat

Gone Fishing is a portable archipelago retreat where you can enjoy solitude and aquatic nature in an urban environment. You can sit on the pier, dip your feet in the water and play a mixed reality fishing game. When you put on the provided glasses, the infinity pool style pond changes into an immersive archipelago view. With the fishing game you can catch virtual fish and learn about the local aquatic flora and fauna. When you pull the fishes up, you generate energy for the pond’s water filtration system. There’s only space for one person at a time so you can relax in solitude even in a bustling city.

The Gone Fishing pond has a multi-node system for keeping the water clean. Under the pier module there is a solar powered water pump that circulates the water through a biological filter and an ultraviolet clarifier. A solar powered fountain keeps the water moving to keep algae out. There are also barley straw brickets attached to the planter modules. The barley slowly decomposes and releases a chemical which prevents algae growth. The incorporated trees and bushes with their shading effect and the chosen aquatic plants with their nutrition absorption and help in keeping the water clean. There’s little need for maintenance during the summer season.

The pond structure consists of the lightweight steel pool and planter modules that can be easily lifted out when the pond needs to be moved or cleaned. All the modules are relatively small so no heavy duty lifts are necessary. Move the empty pool to where it’s needed, pop in the planter units, the rocks and the pier with the fishing module and then: just add water.

The Gone Fishing pond creates a pleasant micro-climate to the area around it by absorbing heat during the day and releasing it during the night. The pond creates an important hot spot for the local wildlife too: birds and insects, although unable to play the MR fishing game, enjoy the water and can expand their habitat to new urban areas.

During the winter season the pond transforms into a winter station. More on that to come, but right now, Gone Fishing!

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