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My Wasteland Table

My Wasteland Table is a small bit of refreshing ruderal landscape for your patio or balcony. The table top is made of asphalt and steel rebars sourced from a local urban redevelopment area. The materials are cleaned up and seeds of local wild plants are planted in the cracks in the asphalt.

With the redevelopment of ruderal areas, cities sometimes become a bit sterile. In many cities the most interesting urban nature can actually be found in ruderal landscapes. These areas are also home for many important plants, some of them even endangered. Even the very small plants growing through the cracks in the pavement can be very interesting to look at. One has to wonder how well plants adapt to different harsh conditions, such as having a minimal amount of soil.

With the My Wasteland Table, you can bring home some interesting ruderal plants. As the plants are already adapted to surviving in the area, they need minimal care and attention. Just sit back, relax and enjoy!