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The Beetle – A Film by Henrik Håkansson

Today we saw the premiere of an astonishing film called The Beetle (Hylochares cruentatus) by Henrik Håkansson. The film focuses on halavasepikkä (Hylochares cruentatus), an endangered beetle that lives exclusively in Mätäoja river area in Vantaa, Finland. The film combines studio shots and on site scenery shots into an intriguing journey. Some of the studio shots of the beetle are agonisingly slow, but in the hypnotically slow motion lies also the greatness of the film. The beautiful visuals are complemented by an immersive audio track and a spectacular music score by electronic music genius Mika Vainio.

The film is now available online at YLE Areena, be sure to watch and remember to crank up the volume!

Thank you to Kone Foundation and IHME festival for the invitation to the premiere!